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Seeking Volunteers for Clinical Study

The Roskamp Institute is is conducting a clinical research study to study the biological effects and health impacts of environmental toxins. The study will involve one visit where a participant will complete questionnaires and provide a blood sample for research...

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The Roskamp Neurology Clinic Welcomes New Manager

The Roskamp Neurology Clinic is pleased to announce that David Patterson, BSN, has recently assumed the role of Clinic Manager. David is an 18-year US Air Force veteran, deploying to many different areas in the world as a Flight, Emergency, and ICU nurse. Since...

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The 5 Brain Fitness Rules

Physical Exercise How:  There are 5 components, including aerobic (endurance), anaerobic (sprinting), isometric (strength), flexibility (yoga) and balance (axial musculature). Minimum of 5 hours/week. Do aerobic at ≥ 70% maximum heart rate (MHR), MHR is 220-age. Why:...

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Early Detection Key for Those with Alzheimer’s

Twenty-four million suffer with Alzheimer's disease worldwide, with nearly 500,000 of those sufferers located here in the State of Florida. As scientists around the world work tirelessly toward a cure, The Roskamp Institute encourages ALL Floridian seniors to seek...

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Making the Most of Your Clinic Visit

Time is precious, and it seems there is never enough time during a clinic visit to cover all the issues and learn all the important information. However, there are guidelines that can help patients and families make the most of that encounter. First, prepare in...

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