The Roskamp Neurology Clinic is pleased to announce that David Patterson, BSN, has recently assumed the role of Clinic Manager.

David is an 18-year US Air Force veteran, deploying to many different areas in the world as a Flight, Emergency, and ICU nurse. Since retiring from the Military, David has devoted many years in the Specialty Pharmacy market, dedicating his time to improving healthcare outcomes for patients with complex diseases.

Recently he has become the Manager for the Neurology Clinic and Clinical Trials Division at the Roskamp institute, bringing with him a diverse management background and a strong medical education.

Patterson said his goal is “to make the overall patient experience at the Roskamp Neurology Clinic unequaled.”

If you would like to contact David, email him at [email protected], or call him at 941-256-8019 Ext. 3008

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