Dr. Michael Hoffmann

Michael Hoffmann MD, PhD, FCP(SA), FAAN
Roskamp Clinic Medical Director

Michael Hoffmann obtained his medical degree (MBBch) at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa and neurological subspecialty fellowship training in stroke from Columbia University in New York City. This was followed by two senior doctorates, one in cerebrovascular medicine (MD) and one in behavioral health (PhD).

His main areas of research have concerned cognitive disorders after stroke and how to improve brain health and fitness based on scientific principles and evolutionary insights. He is currently a Professor of Neurology with the University of Central Florida and has recently served in a number of administrative leadership positions, such as Associate Dean of Academic Assessment (USF) and Chief of Neurology Services and Director of the Stroke Center at the Orlando VA Medical Center.

He has been the founding director of comprehensive and primary stroke centers in 5 tertiary medical centers to date in the USA and South Africa and has current licenses in Florida and Kentucky and previously in Canada, Germany and South Africa. He is also a cognitive neurology consultant at the Roskamp Neuroscience Institute in Sarasota, Florida where he focuses on frontotemporal disorders, traumatic brain illness and neuro-toxicological syndromes such as Gulf War Illness.

Peer-reviewed publications currently number ~230 and he has also authored four books; Assembly of the Executive Mind, Brain Beat, Cognitive Conative and Behavioral Neurology and Clinical Mentation Evaluation, A Connectome Approach. He also has received several physician-initiated grant research support awards.

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